Thursday, 28 July 2016


Yacht Week is a once in a lifetime thing. Not that it's something you can do wrong, but I thought I'd hit you guys with my 101 to The Yacht Week.

Don't over pack. Seriously. You'll spend 99% of your time in a bikini and tee/shirt. This includes shoes. Take 1 pair of sneaker/boat shoes and flip flops/sandals. Heels are a no go. 

Whatever you do, don't pack a hard case - to fit it into your cabin a soft holdall on wheels is perfect.

If you're hopping from boat to boat don't wear shoes that'll fall off your feet/make you slip. Bare feet are key.

Drink water. All day long and also all night if your activities involve alcohol. Just putting it out there.

Say hi to everyone. It's a sociable week and you'll never know who you'll meet.

Yacht Week is a non-judgemental situ. Be nice, respect everyone (it's a given) and you'll realise everyone is really on the same page.

If you get sea-sick or you don't know if you do - bring tablets, or the patches that go behind your ear

Girls - you might not have electricity for some of the week so hair electricals aren't worth taking. Embrace salty hair, always. 

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